We can’t say enough good things about Ovais, when you need a realtor, I highly recommend Ovais to take care of your needs and will be there when you need him. He is willing to work 24/7 to get the job done. He knows how to present himself and is very professional and friendly. He will deliver with results, and never once gave up with selling our home. He promised that he would sell the home within a week, and he delivered, he has a great team to work with his dad and his brother. They will do what it takes to get it sold and work for you and answer all your questions. They are readily available and have the skills and material to market your home. If you need your home sold, Call Ovais you won’t regret it, he is honest, friendly and a work horse. Thank you for everything you did for us going over and beyond the call of duty.
— Teri and Michele


Recently I had the pleasure of working with Ovais Husain. The whole process, from the open house, to closing went very smoothly. He worked well with his team and represented Intero in a very professional manner.
— Lynn Dee Smith, Seller
I work with many real estate agents and what I can say without hesitation about Ovais is that he’s knowledgeable and always thinking of what is in the best interest of his clients.
He’s sharp, considerate, and constantly staying on top of the quick changing real estate market.
— Teri, Larkin
I am writing on behalf of Mr. Ovais Husain who has been a success story that many customers as well as myself would hope for. He is very committed to customer satisfaction always making sure that you understand what you want and need to accomplish your goals. For the most part he listens to the customer needs and alway goes above and beyond to fulfill the needs of the customer putting them first. He is always consistent and true to his word which gives the customer relationship great value and trustworthiness. I am greatly pleased with his hard working and compassion for the customer and companies he represents. He is very understanding which will allow for the customer to be open and honest without hesitation. He is highly spirited that makes you feel the same even when you are frustrated but at the end of the conversation you can do nothing but feed off of his great attitude. I highly recommend Mr. Ovais Husain, as one of the best customer service representatives ever because I know that I myself can be difficult to satisfy but alway walk away feeling good about the relationship and communication.
— David Hairston, Sr. Programs Director of Drug and Alcohol